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Young Adults and Teens


The shift from child to adult can be a difficult experience.

It is a time of tremendous change both physical and emotional, a time for making big decisions and difficult choices, a time for creating new relationships, and a time of trying to find one's place in the world. Although there are some common problems that every generation has experienced during this period of growth, today's young people are having a particularly difficult time. The internet and social media have changed everything and the added pressure on people in this age group is unlike anything from any previous generation. Relationships and human interactions have fundamentally changed and the constant flood of information from all over the world can be incredibly overwhelming. And now there is the added anxiety and stress from the pandemic. More and more I see young people that feel disillusioned, hopeless, anxious, lost and depressed and trying to chart a course in life when you feel like this can be an impossible task. 

The approach I use works extremely well with this age group. It is easy and relaxing and can even be fun but the changes are profound and generally happen quite quickly as anxiety fades, confidence grows and goals become clearer and more within reach. 

Issues that respond well to this type of therapy include:

- pandemic anxiety

- school and social anxiety

- panic attacks

- exam anxiety

- self harm including cutting

- confidence and self esteem

- peak performance for school and sports

- gender and orientation

- fears and phobias

- negative habits and behaviours

.......and anything that is making daily life a struggle

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