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Erica Weininger


After graduating from Trent University and the University of Toronto I became a teacher but I always had a great sense of compassion and empathy for the struggles we all go through in our everyday lives. I became more and more interested in all the different modalities that could be used to resolve these problems. My own search for resolution led me to try out many different modalities until I ultimately found the combination that got the best results and that is what I practice now and can offer to you.

I have the following Certifications and training:

  • Master Hypnotist

  • Level 2 EFT Practitioner

  • ASIST - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

  • Eating Disorders: From Detection to Treatment

  • Stress Management Coach

  • Peak Performance/ Sports Hypnosis Specialist

  • Sleep Improvement Specialist

  • Past Life Regression 

  • Matrix Reimprinting

  • Aromatherapist 

  • National Guild of Hypnotists 

  • DipCs

  • ECE

  • BSc 

I use these different modalities in combination to help you quickly resolve problems and make changes that right now may seem impossible. I offer a faster more targeted way to improve your emotional health and well being and the results have really been incredible. 

I know that it's a big step to finally decide to get help but our first meeting is a free consultation to talk, get to know each other, and get clarity around your goals and the changes you want to make.

I am truly excited by the positive transformations I see and I look forward to meeting with you and helping you on your journey.

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