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 I am doing remarkably well! I contacted Erica for anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. She has a great insight in detecting the cause of the problem. With her ability to question and probe, she was able to get deep down to the underlying emotions and issues that were causing the problems. After a number of EFT sessions and meditation, I felt a relief: I was calmer, lighter, less anxious, happier and more centered. Also, I have gained full acceptance of myself, my whole being. I am grateful for Erica's guidance and intuitiveness in the various approaches she used during the tapping sessions. I also, really liked her non traditional therapy. Thank you, Erica, for your compassion and guidance. - Raymonde, Cambridge

 Dear Erica, Oh my gosh, this note is so long overdue! I hope you have been well and have had a good winter. I just wanted to let you know that T is doing so much better and I just wanted to thank you for the work you did with her in the fall to help get her where she is now. She is thriving again, motivated at school, and making plans for her future in high school and beyond. You have a real gift of connecting with people and making them feel special and heard. So I just wanted to let you know this and I am very grateful to have met you and do hope you are well. Very best wishes, Leslie P.   Cambridge

Erica is wonderful! I instantly connected with her and knew I was in good hands. I can attest that EFT is a safe and effective way to reduce the impact stressful events have on your wellbeing. After my first session I could reflect on unpleasant memories without the usual negative reaction. I highly recommend! Ashley A.   Kitchener

Thank you so much for helping me through this time in my life. Teaching me incredibly useful skills and how to be more in tune with myself. From the first session I always looked forward to Tuesdays and having that time with you. I very much appreciate your energy, knowledge and integrity. This has been a truly life-changing experience that I will hang on to and cherish. It truly opened my eyes to the amazing benefits of hypnosis. Thank you again so much!  Cornelia C.    Cambridge

I want to thank Erica for helping my daughter.  For many years she has had a phobia of needles and blood that was so severe it would cause terrible physical and emotional symptoms. This became an even bigger problem when she wanted to go to med school. She managed to get through her 1st year but this phobia was going to threaten her hopes of becoming a doctor. She worked with Erica during the summer break and was quickly able to overcome her terrible phobia and also gain alot of confidence. She is now doing well in her 2nd year of med school and on her way to becoming a doctor!         Dr. T,   Cambridge

My uncontrollable cravings for chocolate and peanut butter are gone now..........after all these years they're just gone and now I'm losing weight!     Debbie S.       Cambridge

Thank you for helping me with my confidence. I was at such a bad point in my life but I still needed to find a new job. I had no confidence in myself and was terrified of going on an interview. The hypnosis and EFT boosted my confidence and I did so well in the interview that I got the job.  Joanne K.   Cambridge

Big news so I went to Costco twice on friday and did not buy any jalepeno poppers or any other craving food. :) :) I walked past them once since I needed down that aisle and it was a two second thought of oh just get one box, then I thought nope I dont need it and walked away. That was it. no big dilemma in my brain or anything. Thank you for that.           Amy B.  Cambridge

...I thought I would just never get over my fear of flying and be able to get on a plane and go away on vacation like everyone else I know. For years I've been missing out on so much. But I finally did it! I flew to Vancouver and back and I am so happy and proud of myself.   Chelsea P.  Toronto

After going through a very difficult time in my life I suddenly developed a terrible fear of driving my car on the highway. I could sort of drive around in the city but the highway just scared me too much. But I had to go to wedding in a few weeks and I had to be able to drive there. It was about 2 hours away on the highway. I had three sessions with Erica and then I drove to the wedding. I wasn't scared and the drive was very nice. I'm so thankful that I could go to the wedding!      Alliya M.  Kitchener

For our 25th anniversary my husband got us an amazing Mediterranian cruise. The problem was that we had to fly to Barcelona first to get on the ship and I was terrified of going on the plane. I was really scared of turbulence. Thanks to Erica I was calm getting to the airport and during the flights even though there was trouble including a delay, a missed connection and some turbulence. The really neat thing was that I stopped having all the fearful anxious thoughts I was having before. Even if an anxious thought started it would just disappear!   Kathy M.  Waterloo

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